Between The Pipes Newsletter: The End of Year Two and The Start of Year Three!

Dear 336 Families,

Thank you for a great summer season. We started this club in August 2022 with the hope of bringing fun and engaging lacrosse to our community. We began with two high school teams that fall and grew to three teams, including our FREE Squids team. Last fall, we expanded to include middle school and elementary teams, which we continued this summer. Although our record may not always reflect our achievements, we had wins at every level. We believe this is a marathon, not a sprint. 336 is committed to being a pillar in the community for decades to come. This may have been the closest our teams have ever been, with camaraderie between parents and the fun and laughter within each team, showing that we are beginning to come together as a family.

336 Elementary Teal

The Elementary Teal team fought hard all season, achieving their first-ever win in the final game. Six of these players have been with us for a year, starting as Jr. Squids. We are proud of their growth and look forward to seeing them continue to develop.

336 Middle School Gray

Middle School Gray had a similar journey to Teal. This team, full of heart and determination, showed up to practice ready to learn and improve. They pulled out a victory at the Southeast Summer Invitational. Despite being a mixed team of rising 6th-8th graders with varying levels of experience, they stuck together and never gave up. The future is bright for this team.

336 High School Purple

High School Purple, a combination of our 2023 Fall Teal and Orange Teams, faced challenges but persevered. Comprised of rising 8th-11th graders, this team had struggled with winning. However, they came together quickly and, despite a tough start, finished strong with two big wins at the Southeast Summer Invitational. These victories mark the beginning of something special this coming fall.

336 High School Orange

High School Orange, filled with new players and 336 OGs, was a team of selflessness, camaraderie, and passion for the game. Despite being just one point away from a major victory, they never quit. This team embodies the true meaning of teamwork and will be a force to reckon with in the fall.


Upcoming Events

- **July 28th**: High School Select Evaluations

- **Fall 2024**: Return of High School Fall Ball

- **PLL Sixes Youth Fall Sixes Training**

- **PLL/336 Sixes for a Cause Tournament**: Proceeds will support Tino Kelly's family.

We want to thank all our families for a great second summer and for your continued support. We do this for the love of the game, for our community, and for all of you. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Best regards,

336 Lacrosse Club